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  abstract = {{HCl has been observed in the stratosphere from balloon borne
spectroscopic measurements of a portion of the fundamental band in the 3
microns wavelength region. The observation of absorption lines using the
sun as a source at solar zenith angles larger than 90{\deg} indicates an
HCl volume mixing ratio equal to (3.8 {\plusmn} 1.5) {\times}
10$^{-10}$ at 20 km increasing with altitude at least up to
30 km where the value is (1.4 {\plusmn} 0.6) {\times}
10$^{-9}$. The total zenith amount above 21 km is found to
be (10{\plusmn} 3.5) {\times} 10$^{-14}$ cm$^{-2}$
in agreement with previous observations performed up to this altitude. A
maximum number density equal to (7.2 {\plusmn} 3) {\times} 10$^{8}$
cm$^{-3}$ is observed at 24 {\plusmn} 2 km altitude.
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