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  author = {{Fairhead}, L. and {Bretagnon}, P.},
  title = {{An analytical formula for the time transformation TB-TT}},
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  year = 1990,
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  pages = {240-247},
  abstract = {{An analytical formula for the time transformation TB-TT valid over a few
thousand years around J2000 has been computed with an accuracy at the 1
ns level. The 127 coefficients presented in this paper provide a formula
accurate at the 100 ns level. The numerical and analytical procedures to
compute this transformation are discussed and compared. It is noted that
these procedures cannot fully comply with recommendations 5 of the 1976
IAU meeting. Furthermore, these procedures yield different units for the
corresponding TB time scales. It is verified that this transformation is
independent of the two parameterized post Newtonian parameters gamma and
beta and of the three most commonly used coordinate systems (isotropic,
standard-Schwarzschild, Painleve) at least the 1 ns level.
  adsurl = {http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1990A%26A...229..240F},
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