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  author = {{Goulas}, Y. and {Cerovic}, Z.~G. and {Cartelat}, A. and {Moya}, I.
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  journal = {\ao},
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  pages = {4488-4496},
  abstract = {{Dualex (dual excitation) is a field-portable instrument, hereby
described, for the assessment of polyphenolic compounds in leaves from
the measurement of UV absorbance of the leaf epidermis by double
excitation of chlorophyll fluorescence. The instrument takes advantage
of a feedback loop that equalizes the fluorescence level induced by a
reference red light to the UV-light-induced fluorescence level. This
allows quick measurement from attached leaves even under field
conditions. The use of light-emitting diodes and of a leaf-clip
configuration makes Dualex a user-friendly instrument with potential
applications in ecophysiological research, light climate analysis,
agriculture, forestry, horticulture, pest management, selection of
medicinal plants, and wherever accumulation of leaf polyphenolics is
involved in plant responses to the environment.
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