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  abstract = {{Free tropospheric humidity (FTH) is a key parameter of the radiation
budget of the Earth. In particular, its distribution over the
intertropical belt has been identified as an important contributor to
the water vapour feedback. Idealized radiative transfer computations are
performed to underscore the need to consider the whole probability
distribution function (PDF) rather than the arithmetical mean of the
FTH. The analysis confirmed the overwhelming role of the dry end of the
PDF in the radiative perturbation of the top of atmosphere longwave
budget. The physical and dynamical processes responsible for the
maintenance of this dry part of the FTH distribution are reviewed, and
the lateral mixing between the tropics and the extra-tropics is revealed
as a major element of the dry air dynamics. The evolution of this
lateral mixing in the framework of the global warming is discussed, and
perspectives of work are listed as a mean of a conclusion.
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