Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace
- Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique, Jussieu, Paris, France
- Service d'Aeronomie, Verrieres-le-Buisson, France

Project developed by:

Pascal RANNOU pra@aero.jussieu.fr
Frédéric HOURDIN hourdin@lmd.jussieu.fr
Sébastien LEBONNOIS Sebastien.Lebonnois@lmd.jussieu.fr
David LUZ luz@despace.obspm.fr

We have developed in the last decade a two dimensional version of the LMD Titan General Circulation Model. This model accounts for multiple coupling occuring on Titan between dynamics, haze, chemistry and radiative transfer. It was successful at explaining many observed features related to atmosphere state (wind, temperature), haze structure and chemical species distributions. An important step in our knowledge about Titan has now been taken with the Cassini mission and Huygens descent on Titan. In this context, we want to make the results of our model available for the scientific community which is involved in the study of Titan. Such a tool should also be useful for interpreting ground based telescope observations.

Our results are presented here as an atmospheric database, in an ASCII file database.wrk (around 28 Mo).
To use it, two methods are proposed:
- Use the Fortran routines ready to read the database
- Get and install the Graphical User Interface (GUI) package

But first, you may want to get and read the User's Guide.

These files are available below. Up-to-date versions are:
- User's Guide: online january 17, 2006.
- database: 1.5, online end november 2007
- GUI: 1.0, online end december 2005


In pdf format: users_guide.pdf

In postscript format: users_guide.ps


The data file:
database-1.0.wrk (ASCII 28 Mo)
database-1.5.wrk (ASCII 28 Mo)
(please rename or link to database.wrk)

The fortran routines: fortran-routines.tar.gz

The Graphical User Interface:
(GUI done by Jean-Baptiste Madeleine)
MATLAB version (any OS): titandbase-1.0-gui-matlab.tar.gz
LINUX version (stand-alone application): titandbase-1.0-gui.tar.gz (108 Mo)
For stand-alone GUI on other platforms, please contact us...


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