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An educational software to simulate the climate

The SimClimat software is an educational software for climate simulations. Through a user-friendly interface, it allows to run climate simulations at different time scales. The results pertaining to global surface temperature, sea level, ice sheet extent and atmospheric composition are displayed as curves and drawings. The user can test the influence of various parameters influencing the climate, such as astronomical parameters or the composition of the atmosphere, and can plug or unplug some climate feedbacks.

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You can download the software here for Windows, here for Mac and here for Linux.
A new version of SimCLimat is now available for smartphones on Google Play and on Apple Store
Codes are open source and available here.
Everything is free


The new documentation is available in pdf or html format.

If you have any question or suggestion, please contact Camille Risi by e-mail (

Confidentiality agreement

When making the SimClimat application freely available to all, we neither collect nor use any personal or non-personal data.


The application was developped by Cabinet d'Études Informatiques Alain Deseine. This work was supported by the IPSL ¿ Climate Graduate School which is funded by the ANR (ANR-11-IDEX-0004 - 17-EURE-0006).
We are also grateful to the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace and the Office for Climate Education.

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Possible uses (previous versions:

This educational software can be used to introduce processes controlling climate. It can be used to discuss past climate variations and the different natural factors that influence climate (astronomic forcing, natural perturbations in the carbon cycle). The effect of climatic feedbacks can be shown by plugging or unplugging feedbacks. This software can also be used to discuss global warming, and test different carbon dioxyde emmissions scenarii. For example, it can be used:

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