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idelkadi 2020-06-23 10:06 Rev.: 3731

Debugging COSP v2 for simulators Calipso, Parasol, Cloudsat

147 lines of code changed in 1 file:

idelkadi 2020-06-18 10:44 Rev.: 3723

Debugging COSP v2 for simulators Calipso, Parasol, Cloudsat

251 lines of code changed in 4 files:

idelkadi 2020-03-24 18:46 Rev.: 3654

Change the names of the input and output files for version 2 of the Cosp simulator for better management in the LMDZ model.

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

idelkadi 2019-05-20 11:25 Rev.: 3511

Implementation de la version cospv2 dans LMDZ (suite)

7 lines of code changed in 1 file:

idelkadi 2019-05-02 15:03 Rev.: 3491

Integration of version 2 of the COSP simulator in LMDZ
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M makegcm
M makelmdz
M makelmdz_fcm
M libf/phylmd/physiq_mod.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/mo_rng.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/quickbeam_optics.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_cloudsat_interface.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_config.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/lidar_simulator.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/prec_scops.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/mrgrnk.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/lmdz_cosp_read_outputkeys.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_atlid_interface.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/lmdz_cosp_subsample_and_optics_mod.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_math_constants.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/MISR_simulator.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/modis_simulator.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/math_lib.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_grLidar532_interface.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_errorHandling.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_stats.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/lmdz_cosp_output_write_mod.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_utils.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_optics.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/icarus.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/scops.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/optics_lib.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_kinds.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_calipso_interface.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/quickbeam.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/parasol.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_phys_constants.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/array_lib.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_isccp_interface.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_parasol_interface.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/lmdz_cosp_construct_destroy_mod.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/lmdz_cosp_output_mod.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/lmdz_cosp_interface.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_misr_interface.F90
A libf/phylmd/cospv2/cosp_modis_interface.F90

19054 lines of code changed in 37 files:

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