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idelkadi 2021-05-20 09:11 Rev.: 3908

Online implementation of the radiative transfer code ECRAD in the LMDZ model.
- Inclusion of the ecrad directory containing the sources of the ECRAD code
* interface routine : radiation_scheme.F90
- Adaptation of compilation scripts :
* compilation under CPP key CPP_ECRAD
* compilation with option "-rad ecard" or "-ecard true"
* The "-rad old/rtm/ecran" build option will need to replace the "-rrtm true" and "-ecrad true" options in the future.
- Runing LMDZ simulations with ecrad, you need :
* logical key iflag_rrtm = 2 in physiq.def
* namelist_ecrad (DefLists)
* the directory "data" containing the configuration files is temporarily placed in ../libf//phylmd/ecrad/
- Compilation and execution are tested in the 1D case. The repository under svn would allow to continue the implementation work: tests, verification of the results, ...

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