International Workshop for SCM/LES comparisons (june 2020)

Presentations will be downloaded here before visioconference

Introduction od the workshop (F.Hourdin)

Relevance of multi-case SCM simulations for climate and weather forecast model improvement (C.Rio)

High Tune common format (F.Couvreux)

Common standards for SCM/LES simulations (R.Roehrig)

Round table with groups representatives

WRF SCM (Y-L Hwong)

ES3M SCM (P.Bogenschutz)

Driver Files for DALES (R.Neggers)

ICON SCM (M.Koehler)

CESM SCM (A.Gettelman)

IFS Single Column Model at ECMWF(R.Forbes)

UK-based use of SCM and LES cases (L.Denby)

History and main use of GFDL SCM (Zhihong Tan)

GEOS Single Column Model (A.Molod)

CCPP SCM background (G.Firl)

LES and SCMs at CliMA (I. Lopez-Gomez)

Overview of the JPLK SCM (M.Witte)

Friday 19th of june presentations