The ALMA Quality Control Code

This program is aimed at verifying the netCDF files produced by the modelers. It will check for the application of the correct sign convention, the units and the range of the various variables reported. Finally it will provide a list of variables which were not verified, the mandatory variables which were not reported and the percentage of recommended and optional variables in the file.

All this work is going to be done using the information provided in the almaqc.conf file (or the file provided with the -cf option). This file is simply the text version of the Web page found at : Thus in case you have an old version of the configuration file it can easily be updated.

almaqc will not change you file. Thus in problems are reported it is for you to solve them.

Access to the code

The code can be downloaded as a compressed (with gzip) tar file from this link . For those who prefer a DOS-zip file : here it is .



For the moment only Makefiles for SunOS and Linux (pgf90 compiler) are provided. In case you port the code to another machine please send us your Makefile we will then distribute it. You system should have netCDF installed (It should be the case if you generated the file in the first place !). In case you have any questions on netCDF please check the the netCDF home page first. The compilation is done with the following command :
make -f Makefile.mycomp all


The version management is not going to be very professional but we will try to keep track here of the changes and describe the modifications as we release new versions.
13 Oct. 2000 (what a day !)
Pedro Viterbo cleaned up the mess with the IMPLICIT NONE !
13 Oct. 2000 (later that day !)
A nice little bug found by Douglas Clark (IH). The entire allocated memory were searched for the min/max values instead of only the range covered by the current variable.
13 Oct. 2000
Added a missing 'INCLUDE' and corrected an error on the sign reversal. These bugs were found by Bart van den Hurk (KNMI).
12 Oct. 2000
Release of the beta version of ALMAQC after an evaluation of the alpha version by Laura Bowling.

Bug reports

Please send all problems or bugs to the author : Jan Polcher (
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