Global Climate Modeling of Saturn

Reference publication: submitted.

This movie was created with Paraview by Yann Meurdesoif using a simulation designed by Aymeric Spiga (corresponding author). It shows the exquisite structures (jets, vortices, waves, and eddies) simulated by our Global Climate Model (GCM) for Saturn run at an unprecedented horizontal resolution of one eighth of a degree. Wind speed at the 1-bar level is shown at start/end of the movie; vorticity is shown at the middle of the movie. Our Saturn GCM interfaces the Guerlet et al. 2014 physical packages with the new DYNAMICO dynamical core by Dubos et al. 2015, a development effort realized by Ehouarn Millour and Mikel Indurain. Computational resources were provided by the CINES computing center in France during a "Grand Challenge". This research is part of the ANR project HEAT.

Credits and Copyright: A. Spiga (LMD/UPMC) - Y. Meurdesoif (LSCE/CEA), 2015.