October 2020 Commit Log

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evignon 2020-10-26 11:33 Rev.: 3781

Initialisation de la TKE pour les cas 1D (important pour GABLS1), Etienne

131 lines of code changed in 7 files:

evignon 2020-10-22 14:50 Rev.: 3780

Premiere comission Etienne: changements pour le 1D (forcage en Ts au dessus des continents) et inclusion drag arbres dans yamada4_num=6

337 lines of code changed in 25 files:

asima 2020-10-22 14:17 Rev.: 3779

Code cleaning : cld*jn are removed as variables, because they only serve as output names.

5 lines of code changed in 2 files:

fairhead 2020-10-22 13:36 Rev.: 3778

Problem with previous commit

10 lines of code changed in 1 file:

lmdz-user 2020-10-22 10:37 Rev.: 3777

Moved the opening and reading of the physics restart file before the
initialisation of the physics output as the output procedure needs to
know the timestep at the beginning of the run to initialise the calendar
correctly. That timestep is read in the physics restart file.
This should close tickets #109 and #114

27 lines of code changed in 1 file:

asima 2020-10-19 13:24 Rev.: 3776

Preparing physiq_mod.def for LMDZ-SPLA update.
Also, section "USE" re-arranged in alphabetical order.

122 lines of code changed in 1 file:

oboucher 2020-10-18 20:42 Rev.: 3775

Adding the units for uq, vq, ue, ve, uwat, vwat in the history files.

6 lines of code changed in 1 file:

lguez 2020-10-01 17:25 Rev.: 3774

Bug fix: encapsulate hbtm in a module

Fixes bug introduced in commit [3772]: therm was declared as an
assumed-shape dummy argument, which requires an explicit interface.

770 lines of code changed in 3 files:

asima 2020-10-01 14:13 Rev.: 3773

Correction initialisation of solswfdiff (missing default value was causing "NaN" in startphy.nc)

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

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