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Habilitation à diriger des recherches :

Les processus de surface à l'échelle globale et leurs interactions avec le climat

Soutenue le 10 Septembre 2003 : Les transparents.

Career Goal : To enhance understanding of the global environment and to predict its evolution and impact, using modern computer technology.

Current research activities :

Improve our understanding and ability to model land-surface/atmosphere interactions.

Study the influence of land-surface changes on the mean climate and its variability.

Try and predict the impact of climate change on land-surface processes.

Ongoing model developments :

Developing a regional Earth system model for IPSL based on the same components as the global model.

ORCHIDEE = SECHIBA + STOMATE the land-surface scheme of IPSL.

IOIPSL the input/output library for all components of the IPSL climate model.

Project management :

GEWEX : Scientific Steering Group (SSG) (co-chair : 2018-present).

GHP : GEWEX Hydroclimate Panel (chair : 2011-2016).

This project aims to be better understand and predict the African monsoon. It is a 5 year project funded by the European Union.

Land-surface Processes and Climate Response (1995-1998) :
The aim of this project was to evaluate the uncertainties in current climate change predictions linked to land-surface schemes.

The PILPS-4c coupler :
The aim of the PILPS-4c coupler is to propose a general interface for land-surface schemes and general circulation models which describes all interactions between both systems and allows for plug-compatibility of the models.

GLASS : Global Land-Atmosphere System Study (founder and chair : 1999-2003):
GLASS is a GEWEX project which aims to encourage the developments of a new generation of LSSs by coordinating their evaluation and inter-comparison, and applying them to scientific queries of broad interest.

List of Publications

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Memoire de fin d'étude de l'Institut de Formation des Enseignants de la Musique (I.F.E. de M.): La méthode de guitare d'Emilio Pujol par Daniela Polcher (Version finale du 13/5/99).


Jan Polcher
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