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A proposal for a general interface between land-surface schemes and general circulation models

J.Polcher tex2html_wrap_inline1089 , B. McAvaney tex2html_wrap_inline1091 , P. Viterbo tex2html_wrap_inline1093 , M.-A. Gaertner tex2html_wrap_inline1095 , A. Hahmann tex2html_wrap_inline1097 ,
J.-F. Mahfouf tex2html_wrap_inline1093 , J. Noilhan tex2html_wrap_inline1101 , T. Phillips tex2html_wrap_inline1103 , A. Pitman tex2html_wrap_inline1105 , C.A. Schlosser tex2html_wrap_inline1107 ,
J.-P. Schulz tex2html_wrap_inline1109 , B. Timbal tex2html_wrap_inline1091 , D. Verseghy tex2html_wrap_inline1113 and Y. Xue tex2html_wrap_inline1115

March 6, 1998


The aim of this paper is to propose a general interface for coupling general circulation models (GCMs) to land-surface schemes in order to achieve a plug compatibility between these complex models. As surface parameterizations included more processes they have moved from being subroutines to GCMs to independent schemes which can also be applied for other purposes. This evolution has raised the problem within climate modeling groups of coupling these schemes to GCMs in a simple and flexible way. The larger independence land-surface schemes have reached makes it possible to exchange them within the community which also calls for a general interface. This paper discusses the tasks land-surface schemes have to fulfill when coupled to a GCM after a review of the current state of the art and the likely future evolutions of both components. The numerical schemes used for the processes which couple the land-surfaces to the atmosphere are reviewed to ensure that the interface can be applied to all land-surface schemes and GCMs after only minor changes.

Keywords : PILPS, Land-surface schemes, general circulation models, coupling Land-surface schemes.

Fri Mar 6 16:09:11 MET 1998