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SimClimat documentation

Camille Risi

November 2019

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The SimClimat software is an educational software for climate simulations ([Risi, 2015]). Through a user-friendly interface, it allows to run climate simulations at different time scales. The results pertaining to global surface temperature, sea level, ice sheet expansion and atmospheric composition are displayed as curves and drawings. The user can test the influence of various parameters influencing the climate, such as astronomical parameters or the composition of the atmosphere, and can plug or unplug some climate feedbacks.

SimClimat is composed of a graphical interface coupled to a physical climate model. This documentation first describes the graphical interface (section 1) and then the physical model (section 2). This documentation also presents how to implement the experimental method with SimClimat in a classroom (section 3). The physical content and results of SimClimat are compared to the true climate models used in the IPCC reports (section 4).

Camille RISI 2019-12-25